Service Charges

At Lion & Castle our team consistently uphold maintenance standards and are responsible for all aspects of block management.

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Block Of Flats Management

How We Operate

  • Our property inspectors ensure the smooth running of a development each day
  • Appointing local contractors in Norwich to carry out cleaning, repairs, maintenance, redecoration or gardening.

Our budget for service charges is reviewed on an annual basis. Our total expenditure is routinely monitored against our estimates throughout the entire management year. We believe that this sets us apart from leading competitors.

Simply put, service charges are thus allotted and invoiced in relation to the specific terms of your transfer or lease.

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Safety & Security

We take the safety and security of our residents and developments very seriously and always consider the individual obligations relating to each block.  We regularly undergo maintenance checks on systems such as fire detection, lifts, and security door entry.

We ensure that each part of a development, including shared spaces such as communal areas, is in accordance with current UK safety regulations. We also undertake regular risk assessments, prioritising the welfare and safety of our clients at all times.

Services Charges

Every service charge is calculated to fit the needs of each individual block.

Budget are prepared in line with expenditure for each financial year.

Fully Transparent

At Lion & Castle, we promise to always work with registered chartered accountants. We understand that service charges can be a cause of anxiety for some residents.

However, at Lion & Castle, we are transparent in our handling and calculation of figures resulting in a smooth process for all. We also provide as much detail as possible with every service charge, leaving no room for confusion or worry.

If you need assistance in managing your block or require advice concerning service charges or other services provided by our company, contact Lion & Castle today.