We believe that through our experience and professionalism, our services will add value after the sales process. .

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Block Of Flats Mangement UK

What We Do

As a property management company, we have a lot of involvement with developers. This involvement usually begins during the planning stage of any property construction or renovation.

Our main responsibilities are to provide advice on estate management and to service charge overall structure costs.

With over 40 years in the industry, we know how to add value to the development process by immediately recognising any issues or design faults that would hinder development. As a result of this, we can reduce problems and avoid any difficulties during the construction phase.

We also work closely with Sales and Marketing teams to ensure that any future owner of the property has an accurate understanding of the available services on the development as well as an estimate of the yearly service charge budget.

Through consistent communication with the development Site Manager, we can provide a smooth changeover from development completion to full control through management.

Other Services

At Lion & Castle, we can also provide advice and guidance relating to any of the below:

Service charge budgeting

Through our years of experience in finance, we can help to arrange an estate service charge swiftly and efficiently.

Design and development

We can help provide professional advice on a wide range of issues such as refuse collection, visitor parking and passes, communal areas, landlords’ metering etc.

Establishment of management companies (residential)

We can establish a residential management company for your development, ensure that this company remains professional and compliant, and act as company secretary should you require our services.

Personnel recruitment, i.e., concierge, caretakers, estate management

By calling us today, we can help recruit and employ concierge services, estate management personnel, and caretakers, all of which result in the smooth running of your property. As a property management company, we are responsible for managing these services, so you can rest assured you will receive the best results at all times.

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At Lion & Castle, we typically offer these services free of charge, agreeing that we will be appointed development managers after the build is complete.

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